Outside In

Indoor awnings don’t always serve a purpose other than aesthetics, but sometimes they are the most practical choice. In the case of Ray’s Boathouse, their dining space needed shade but the rafters in the building were not square, which meant more traditional methods would not work. Our solution: this Select awning by Stobag, which looksContinue reading “Outside In”

Now You See Me…

We can make your awning disappear! If you are looking for a more subtle rain or shade solution, a cassette style retractable awning might be right for you. The cassette casing closes fully, leaving no visible fabric and in some cases can totally disappear when not in use. This Casabox awning blends in perfectly withContinue reading “Now You See Me…”

Product Spotlight: Screens!

There are many advantages to adding screens to your home’s windows; lower energy costs, additional privacy, and protection from sun damage to name a few. Best of all you can still see out while the shades are down so you won’t lose any of that beautiful view. Check out this project we did with SoletteContinue reading “Product Spotlight: Screens!”