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Brightening up the Ave

We recently completed the last in a long-line of awning replacements and refreshes in Seattle’s U-District. These projects varied in style and scope, but all of them turned out great and are helping to bring new life to these beloved businesses. Check out the projects and see if you can recognize some well-known spots.

So Fresh and So Clean

We recently repaired and recovered all of the frames for this commercial building in Shoreline. Totaling 19 frames and completed in two phases, this refresh gave the whole building a lift. We also added some new acrylic panels to a few of the awnings to display current and future business graphics.

Form and Function

This business had a large loading dock area that needed a cover to protect shipments from the rain as they came in. We worked with them to design a large custom metal structure with a durable Weblon vinyl cover. This canopy should help keep them and their shipments dry for a very long time toContinue reading “Form and Function”

Splashin’ in the Shade

Humans aren’t the only ones looking for shade in the summer. In the last year we have been lucky enough to work with the Seattle Aquarium on two occasions to help enhance a few of their exhibits and make their animals as comfortable as possible. We equipped the outdoor Sea Lion exhibit with a retractableContinue reading “Splashin’ in the Shade”

Outside In

Indoor awnings don’t always serve a purpose other than aesthetics, but sometimes they are the most practical choice. In the case of Ray’s Boathouse, their dining space needed shade but the rafters in the building were not square, which meant more traditional methods would not work. Our solution: this Select awning by Stobag, which looksContinue reading “Outside In”

Local Business: Ohsun

We love when we have the opportunity to work with other Seattle businesses! Sara from Ohsun worked with us to come up with an awning design for her new restaurant that was both functional and appropriate for the historic Pioneer Square district. We landed on their final design which uses neutral vinyl, but includes aContinue reading “Local Business: Ohsun”