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Brightening up the Ave

We recently completed the last in a long-line of awning replacements and refreshes in Seattle’s U-District. These projects varied in style and scope, but all of them turned out great and are helping to bring new life to these beloved businesses. Check out the projects and see if you can recognize some well-known spots.

Sneak Preview

It can be hard to visualize what an awning will look like on your building. If you’d like to see what different fabrics, sizes, or frames would look like we can put together a rendering and take out some of the guess work. Check out this recent rendering we did for a customer that wasContinue reading “Sneak Preview”

Three Arms are Better than None

Extra Wide Space? No problem. Some spaces are too wide for a traditional two arm awning, but not quite wide enough for two separate units: enter the extra arm. For spaces above 20′ wide we add a center arm for additional support so you have an awning that functions perfectly in your space that hasContinue reading “Three Arms are Better than None”

Outside In

Indoor awnings don’t always serve a purpose other than aesthetics, but sometimes they are the most practical choice. In the case of Ray’s Boathouse, their dining space needed shade but the rafters in the building were not square, which meant more traditional methods would not work. Our solution: this Select awning by Stobag, which looksContinue reading “Outside In”