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Hiding in Plain Sight

This customer had an existing metal pergola, but needed some extra protection from the afternoon sun while enjoying their backyard. We added on a President Screen in black with Mermet Natte fabric in Charcoal. The result: the new screen doesn’t just complement the existing structure, it looks like it’s always been there.

Splashin’ in the Shade

Humans aren’t the only ones looking for shade in the summer. In the last year we have been lucky enough to work with the Seattle Aquarium on two occasions to help enhance a few of their exhibits and make their animals as comfortable as possible. We equipped the outdoor Sea Lion exhibit with a retractableContinue reading “Splashin’ in the Shade”

Product Spotlight: Screens!

There are many advantages to adding screens to your home’s windows; lower energy costs, additional privacy, and protection from sun damage to name a few. Best of all you can still see out while the shades are down so you won’t lose any of that beautiful view. Check out this project we did with SoletteContinue reading “Product Spotlight: Screens!”