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Brightening up the Ave

We recently completed the last in a long-line of awning replacements and refreshes in Seattle’s U-District. These projects varied in style and scope, but all of them turned out great and are helping to bring new life to these beloved businesses. Check out the projects and see if you can recognize some well-known spots.

Hiding in Plain Sight

This customer had an existing metal pergola, but needed some extra protection from the afternoon sun while enjoying their backyard. We added on a President Screen in black with Mermet Natte fabric in Charcoal. The result: the new screen doesn’t just complement the existing structure, it looks like it’s always been there.

Perfect Match

Many of our products come with a selection of standard neutral frame colors that look great with most facades, without standing out too much. For people with more adventurous taste we have the option of doing a custom color match for an additional fee so that your awning can perfectly match your style. Check outContinue reading “Perfect Match”

Sneak Preview

It can be hard to visualize what an awning will look like on your building. If you’d like to see what different fabrics, sizes, or frames would look like we can put together a rendering and take out some of the guess work. Check out this recent rendering we did for a customer that wasContinue reading “Sneak Preview”